Collection: Other Designs

Immerse your living spaces in the perfect blend of artistry and play with our Other Design Collection! Elevate your walls with our Hand-Crafted Wooden Wall Hooks, featuring a variety of designs – from sports and vehicles to mythical creatures and musical instruments. Each hook is a unique piece of functional art, meticulously hand-crafted to add character to your home.

Enhance the imaginative playtime for all ages with our Hand-Crafted Wooden Puzzles. The intricately designed puzzles not only form captivating shapes like different sports, vehicles, mythical creatures, and musical instruments but also cleverly spell out what they represent. Crafted with precision from high-quality wood, these puzzles offer a tactile and engaging experience, turning playtime into a captivating learning or simple and interesting décor!

Whether you're looking to organize in style, engage in interactive play or have fun interesting items, our Collection's is the perfect choice. Transform your space with the charm of artisanal craftsmanship and the joy of imaginative exploration. Choose our Wall Hooks and Puzzles for a curated collection that seamlessly blends functionality and creativity for both kids and adults alike.